Featured, News & Politics How A Marriage Between Capitalism and Idealism can Redeem Us From the Past

Ah, Bible toting, conservative anti-cannabis advocates. How do they justify their more than apparent hypocrisy, by other than claiming ignorance? A man like Jeff Sessions,who cited the Bible as a justification for the incarceration of children, seems like the type of person who would find a way to deny Jesus himself wi...

Culture & Society, Featured, Miscellaneous Repeating Haddaway’s Catchphrase: How did it go, again?

As Ghandi experimented with truth in is Autobiography, I conducted an informal experiment with love in Gothenburg, Sweden.

All Posts & Articles, Culture & Society, Featured Feel me, money? Slow money better than no money.

The issue of local businesses struggling under the muscle of established financial giants is something that concerns all those who run a business unrelated to the marketing budgets and reach of the chains, brand names and franchises dominating the market. How can we boost the turnover of local businesses? Well, its eas...

All Posts & Articles, Culture & Society, Featured, News & Politics Revolution Then! (Conservation Now?)

In May 1886, American workers rallied in Chicago in support of the demands for an 8-hour work day. Referred to as The Haymarket Affair, it would become the origin of The International Workers’ Day. Also known as Labour Day, or May Day.

All Posts & Articles, Culture & Society, Featured, News & Politics The Panchen Lama turns 29 – The fate of Tibet’s second most important lama is still unknown.

Wednesday, 25th of April 2018 marks the 29th birthday of Gedhun Chökyi Nyima, known by the Tibetans as His Holiness the 11th Panchen Lama. At the tender age of six years old, he became the world’s youngest political prisoner, as the People’s Republic of China took him by force into what they described as “protective...

All Posts & Articles, Featured, News & Politics The King, The Imam and The President

The story of the Islamic Republic’s rise, owes it’s origins to its allies’ betrayal of the Middle East’s (once) only democracy. The United States’ business savvy President, Donald Trump, met with French President Emmanuel Macron, Tuesday, and according to international news, Trump is on a collision course with Tehran.

All Posts & Articles, Featured, Religion & Philosophy A Meditation on Death

Death. Inevitable. The timing of it, uncertain. For the last ten years, Yours truly have lived with the notion, if not the knowledge, that death might come at any given moment. How does that affect behaviour and the attitude towards life?

All Posts & Articles, Featured, Miscellaneous, News & Politics The Universal Declaration of I See You

“They are not all accounted for, the lost seeing stones, we don’t know who else may be watching. “ – Gandalf The days of telephoto lenses behind tinted windows and manual surveillance are long gone. Enter Palantir and Corporate surveillance for profit.The topic for a panel discussion organised by Doctors Without ...