Let’s Get Personal: A Question for The Elders

A few weeks ago, I by happenstance came across a PDF document on the internet, which led me to a man named Jesse Elder. A PDF document that somehow made an impact, and led me to The Mind Vitamin Community.

The community then led me to Jesse Elder on YouTube, where he in one of his videos, claims that confidence, comes from seeing proof of your actions having some positive impact on yourself, as well as on others.

After that video, there was a thumbnail for another video, where the caption was Conquer Your Inner Critic.

Which caught my attention. The inner critic says “you have caused mayhem. You have caused suffering. You are the cause of other people’s anger and frustration.”

The counterweight to this critic says “You have had an immense impact for good. You have contributed to peace. You have made a contribution to the world that you yourself are not aware of. Even if you are.”

A bold statement to counter bold accusations.

None of which can be proven by other means than the words of those affected in either way. If they even are aware over the fact that they are affected by ripple effects of the so called butterfly effect.

Every situation and every possibility has a cause, and every cause has an effect. This is the meaning of the word “karma”.

Karma. Cause and effect. The butterfly effect.

I clicked on that thumbnail, and was greeted with a t-shirt with the message “Just Do You”. Which is just about the only thing I have unapologetically done for the last decade. Infuriating some, receiving praise from others. And while the amount and nature of the praise went to my head, and turned me into an insufferable, pardon my french, trou du cul, the amount and nature of the abuse and negativity that simultaneously came along with it, invoked an aversion towards people who I maybe should have listened to. People who did not believe me when I told them what kind of praise and abuse I was, in lack of better words, forced, to live with, but who also were considerably older than me, and thus had life experience an all-knowing 20-something did not.

Now in my early thirties, when I look back at the life I was dealt, and how I dealt with that life, the inner critic that in no way was present during those years, has come to life – and is constantly making statements as to how certain situations should have been handled, how certain situations could have been avoided and how certain outcomes could have been gracefully achieved.

Hindsight is 20/20, indeed.

Elder continues in the second video:
“It’s not about getting rid of the critic; it’s about displacing the critic. Because what is the critic? It is just the echo, the residue of those past people, those past outside forces, who are trying to get you to conform, not create!”

Which rings truer than anything anyone could have said.

How to displace that critic? Jesse says: “Create some new evidence”

That’s where it gets tricky. In the first video, another criteria for the source of confidence was “having nothing to prove.” While I am more than confident in my ability to achieve; when you are a disgraced, former media professional, trying to make something happen from seemingly nothing, knowing that you have eyes watching you, that want nothing more than to see you succeed. While others, would give a kidney, an eye and their mother’s hip to a dodgy organ harvester, just to see you fail as miserably as you possibly can – the notion of having nothing to prove is a fallible one, at best.

How do you create new evidence, that won’t be seen by anyone else than yourself, when that evidence need to be shown to others, in the context of your past? A past, that is so full of misery, conflict, the rise, fall and more fall and rise of so many interwoven stories that know nothing of your own account of your own story?

What if your inner critic, which indeed happens to be a product of the echo, the residue of those past people, those past outside forces, who are trying to get you to conform, not create; is the only thing that certain people ever will believe is the possible truth?

If the counterweight to that inner critic, is proof and evidence that only your inner advocate knows of? How does this inner advocate present this proof to the Supreme Court of Opinion, that is the web of interwoven stories of people who have all benefited, gained and profited, unknowingly so, from the very story that connects them, unknown to the story itself?

And also, from those who have suffered, lost and gained nothing, knowing and holding only the view of the critic? How does the inner advocate begin to process the documents and evidence it holds, to this Supreme Court of Opinion?

In a third video, titled Pain Has a Purpose the statement “life is supposed be joyful, life is supposed to be fun” is made. And the title is in part addressed by stating that you have been lied to, that you have been told that the secret to happiness is in following someone else’s recipe.

Which hits home the point that so called self-help guru’s, which Elder is, are given more authority than they are supposed to be given, in the sense that any individual’s path from bottom to top, from top to bottom, and from bottom to equanimity and happiness, is a path that cannot be compared or followed to a tee by anyone without having walked that very path.

Eckhart Tolle is paraphrased and echoed in the video; you don’t want money, you don’t want a bigger house, you don’t want to travel more, you don’t want the perfect person to treat you perfectly, you want the feeling you believe these things will make you feel. And continues: “Why not go for the feeling first?”

Which brings about the the basic law of karma: the causes and conditions for that feeling to arise and be achieved, need to be present. Depending on what kind of feelings it is, or what the causes and conditions to achieve those feelings are, you do indeed have the power to create them all.

However, the evidence of those feelings having been attained, is not always present to anyone else than yourself.

So what?


Except when the causes and conditions for the feelings that are brought about by certain causes and conditions, are caused and conditioned by having proof that the inner advocate can present to the Supreme Court of Future Self.

Can you create those? Well, yes. But the inner advocate needs to conquer the inner critic’s causes for existing, and thus, the inner critic’s ability to present the evidence held by the echo, the residue of those past people, those past outside forces, who are trying to get you to conform, not create.

Creation is key. As for creative people in creative fields, it is life itself. What creative measures need to be conjured to create the causes and conditions for the inner advocate to become so creative, as to once and for all telling the echo, the residue of those past people, those past outside forces, who are trying to get you to conform, not create, to STFU?


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