The Kardashev Scale Hits Reverse Relevance: The Ancient Nature of Future of Enlightenment?

Some time ago a story popped up in my facebook-feed.

It was The Egg, by Andy Weir

…ok guys, please click the link, read it, and answer this: let’s take this story at face value, and let’s say having lived every human life and had every experience through out all time is the core cause of cracking out of the egg (enlightenment, I guess) – …what’s next? Would it still be rebirth, hundreds of years prior to the life after buddhahood? Or conscious rebirth in whatever time? If not…. isn’t the cosmos and  everything in it just a giant featherplucking joke?

Once you crack out of the egg, you would be capable of being the guide that leads the ones still inside the yolk to crack their own egg.

But: if you’re stuck in non-linear time, going back and forth, what’s the point?

Obviously, the point for the one who’s cracked the egg, is to go back and forth to teach how to crack the egg, but if this person / being, has cracked the egg, and causes societal changes or has an impact on people’s spiritual progress, what’s the point of the non-linear entries and re-entries into the same and previous time-streams? Wouldn’t the progress be more dynamic, if the guides took rebirth in the times where they can continue their work? Making the egg-crackers (haha!) more suited to a linear time progress, rather than a non-linear one?

Also: Let’s not take it at face value: Having lived through every experience possible, posits the idea that there is a finite number of experiences to have. Making the notion of infinite possibilities invalid.

It is either:

Having had every single experience possible, thus meaning there are finite possibilities – or infinite possibilities are real, making having every experience to be had, a mathematical impossibility.

The Story ends with stating “every human life throughout all time”

Which indicates, life on earth. Which would make the possibilities finite, considering that earth indeed will end one day and be consumed by the sun.

But what limits the attainment of enlightenment to the human experience?

Which brings us to the Kardashev Scale.

If a species is capable of becoming interplanetary or interstellar, or even, in the ultimate case, intergalactic, the possibilities would perhaps indeed become infinite. Which, makes the possibilities for cracking out of the egg, in the sense of having had every experience possible, ever decreasing, and that much harder to attain – and ultimately: a mathematical impossibility.

Ironically, all while one’s society and species is all more advanced.

Having had infinite experiences, in the word’s literal sense, is, as the word implies, mathematically impossible. Having infinite possibilities is only possible if one has transcended the finite nature of energy and mass. If energy can neither be created or destroyed, that means the amount of energy in the universe is finite. Making the possibilities of it turning into an infinite amount of mass, also, a physical, as well as a mathematical impossibility.

Again making the amount of worlds any civilisation on the Kardashev Scale to explore, visit, or even create, a finite number.

Again implying that the amount of possible experiences to be had in a physical universe, however infinite in scopes of time and longevity, is finite in amount.

Unless some species have been here since beginningless time, and will continue to be here until endless time. Which… is… improbable.

But for the sake of argument, let’s not rule it out. Let’s however say there is a species that have been here since beginningless time, and will stay here and survive any- and everything the universe ever throws at them.

If the criteria for attaining the cracking of the egg, is having had every experience possible; actually doing it, for them, is mathematically impossible.

For such a species to attain such a thing, they would as individuals, have to transcend time, space, and the known nature of reality itself.

Which, is what enlightenment is… So: If cracking the egg is enlightenment: what limits the attainment of enlightenment to the amount of (any) worldly experiences? If the attainment of enlightenment is limited to the ultimate amount of experiences in any given world, any species climbing up the Kardashev Scale, would have an increasingly harder time attaining it, as they evolve and become ever more advanced. Which seems to counter the notion that enlightenment is the peak attainment – in the sense that, well, enlightenment, is for them impossible.

Would the most advanced civilisation in the uni / multi / omniverse, really be less spiritually evolved than a shitty one on Earth, which made it’s first trip to its moon just a few decades ago?

It’s a noggin scratcher, which has an obvious answer: no!

But, taking the message of The Egg into account, is mathematically so.

So much for trusting universal science for understanding universal truth.

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