The Unbearable Pain of Bliss: Having Your Cake and Watching Others Eat it

If you could have anything in life, what would you have? Would you have your cake, in fact, the whole bakery, and let others eat if in front of your starving self?

Would you keep running a marathon in your own shoes, when walking in someone else’s seemed like a walk in the park? Or is a marathon in the park, barefoot, a task you think you are prepared for?

What if the one thing in life which you wanted, craved and desired above all, was the one very thing you could not have? What if you could have anything else, any- and everything, except that one thing.

Would you enjoy life? Well, yes, I suppose. Would life be complete? I do doubt it. What is the meaning of finding meaning in life? If that meaning is to find a meaning, the meaning of the meaning has no meaning, if the meaning is to find a meaning behind that meaning, that is…

Meaning? …yes, exactly.

The meaning can seem meaningless. Meaning that finding the meaning of life, that the meaning of life is to find something that gives life meaning, means that a meaningful life, while for some, is never achieved; yours, although meaningful, would lack the one thing, and that one thing only, that one thing being the one thing that gave meaning to all things.

What is the meaning of life, lived to have, and experience, everything under the sun, also the one thing wanted, craved, and desired above all, just to know you can have it all, except that one thing. Would you live such a life?

If you could have nothing but that one thing, would you still feel that, that one thing is the one thing that gives everything meaning? The grass is greener on the other side, indeed. Having it all, except one key ingredient, or having the key to the main door, but having that door as the only option?

…a philosophical dilemma, that for some is a real one.

The (un?)lucky few who encounter it, are the most blessed, and at the same time, the most cursed.

They say if you want something bad enough, you’ll get it. But what if one thing was ruled out, and if that one thing was to become an option, all others would be off the table? How can anyone be so cursed to encounter such a choice? How can anyone be so blessed as to get such an option?

What if it was no option? What if you were forced to have everything life has to offer, except the one very thing your heart, mind, spirit and soul, yearned for? Could you bear it? Would you suck it up and just repeat a mantra of “patience.. patience… patience….” – waiting for something you inherently knew was bound to come around, just to disappear – ad infinitum, giving you faith that it is within reach, just to have that faith once again blown to smithereens?

…all while having the opportunity and good fortune of pursuing all, any- and everything else – and having, attaining and becoming whatever you want?

– Except, of course, that one thing.

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