The Permanence of Love

Once upon a time, a guy wanted to be a friend. He found a friend. Then lost that friend. That friend forgot and remembered, long after the friends were friends no more except in heart and mind. In the mind and heart of one.

The idea of that friend still being one, kept him alive.

A girl traveled to Asia to embark on a journey of exploration of herself. She found her heart. She found her mind. Years later a friend appeared. That friend was in distress, and needed a friend. More than anything in life. None wanted to be.

The friend of the travelling girl, told the girl things the girl was the only one likely to remotely believe. If she did, he did not know. But the friend she was, she agreed to be one. Somewhat more traditional and conservative than the guy, somewhat less adapted and knowledgable about the world he was from.

The guy remembered the friend he wanted and found, before he lost that friend. The new friend was not the same, but somewhat. Same same, but different.

At her home, he met another friend. A friend that somehow surpassed all friends he ever had, and after that encounter, ever thought he ever would.

The latter newly befriended went off into the horizon and never returned to be heard of again. The encounter was so profound for the guy, the love that was to be declared by the guy was more than she would find appropriate. So she vanished.

The guy lost a friend, once again. The friend he first found and lost, had taken an age and eon to tip toe out of his innermost being and into memory. The latter entered the guy’s innermost being and stayed. For how long, considering the longevity of the first’s undying memory, he dared not speculate. These memories were to be kept. In his innermost being, until the unending of time. However painful they might be, for the fact that both of these friends now both were gone, not to be seen again, they were too precious, for someone who had loved and lost, loved again, lost again, without ever having been loved.

Or so it felt.

The undying wish and hope of that feeling being proven wrong, however, was immortality itself manifested. “I will love you both, all three of you, and all other who come, enter, leave and disappear – The permanence of love makes for maddening explorations of the mind, soul and spirit. Only when love is gone, is the weight of if felt. The permanence of it understood.

Hope is ignited, and the demons, devils and evils of all these universes in all the multiverses of the entire omniverse, combined, are powerless to have the capability to even imagine a way to harm one’s will, determination and endurance.

When an age, eon and kalpa is wandered through alone, with the memories intact, ever present, all encompassing and all-empowering, in moments so dark, the bravest of men would not find the courage to dare wish for light – and a mere thought of the memory that once was, still is, and no doubt will remain, keeps the light of the smiles once seen shining in the pitch black of an endless abyss consisting of nothing but a hollow void – a smile is cracked in the surface, and the light is let in.

Hope is ignited, and the demons, devils and evils of all these universes in all the multiverses of the entire omniverse, combined, are powerless to have the capability to even imagine a way to harm one’s will, determination and endurance.

The spirit, soul and mind takes it’s beatings. The trinity of synonyms yearns and longs. It wishes and prays. “May I see them, just once, during the passing of existence, and all is orgotten and thus remembered.”

I love you, sweets. You’re my buddy. My pal. My best buddy chum chum. Forgive me for saying that the way I did. You’re just that awesome. And wandering the eternal void of solitary companionship of oneself, alone, makes one miss the other. That’s all. You are sorely missed. Forgive the frustration the exclamation of that fact brings to you.

The impact your presence made was an impact too hard to not be felt. Not to mention kept. And when a keeper is kept like that, letting go is no option worth considering. Come hell or wrath of heaven: you’re staying. Right here, where the eternal void is filled with matters emptying that void and filling the rest. That void being the emptiness of any inherent existence nothing but the sensation of thy presence has. Dependent on the origination seeded by your presence once upon a time, yes, once upon a time a guy wanted a friend.

He found one. Lost one. Gained another. Lost another. Gained a third, who happened to be the second. And that friend scolded him for being ignorant of her feelings. Sorry chica, I did mean no harm. Neither no offence. Why the scolding no one ever would give anyone, from you, of all people?

Is my admiration for you not demonstrated?

The third friend, whom he met at the second’s home, was a supremely divine thing, whom the second had offended by being adamant and besserwisser-like towards without knowing this friend had experience she had not. She spoke from experience, not education. Her questions were rooted in life, not books. The friend who’s home we were at, meant no harm. Neither no offence. Why scold her like this, friend?

The third looked at the guy and said: “I had dreams of her. I asked to learn about her presence in my dreams and that at her home, no less. Why the dismissive arrogance?”

The third went to the second, and they made friends – friends they shall remain.

The memory of the first, who’s absence was felt from the eons, ages and kalpas ago when she left was painfully present – So was her presence not in presence. In heart. In mind and spirit. This holy trinity of buds, pals and BFF’s would keep the guy wandering, smiling about the fact that a nightmare so brutal could be so hauntingly beautiful.

A dream it was, to have both friends present, and that at one of their homes. May we all return, here, to this very house some time in future existence, in an age, a kalpa, an eon, and laugh about it?

Joke about how nothing is permanent and that all good things end?

The last come first, and the first come last. May the last come quickly and disappear, so the first may at last come.

The first’s, once, and again to be’s spidey senses tingled at that moment, as she raised an eyebrow and exclaimed silently to herself: Not without me, you’re not! Nice you make you acquaintance friends, see you when I see you,

Loe you guys.

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