– Sittin on top of a day, the city is at bay, bae. Welcome to Bodhgaya.

Chillax. Kick back, relax. Chill with this chillum and pass that, and that’s that. Fo’ reallaxx.

– The fluency of nigga please in a oh nigga please lake of consistent praise – offensive though. Why? Functioning culture is fluency in appropriate communication being common skill. How dat, bro?

So goes the intro to a haze full room full of elephants just jazzing it out, hearing some guy on shrooms tell fairy tales. It gets befoodlydiddling when confuse r u shop opens on the local market, innit yaar? This jalebi some epic eats… I had a few to go.

The humble jalebi is an asian staple dessert-at-anytime-is-alright sweet. And if you have had just one fresh one, right from the instant (paaatience) cooled fridge, it will make you immediately get the vast geographic coverage its savoiury, succulent sweet umami just makes you scream “everyone has this around here, though! That is amazing!”


The Pitch of Press History relevance from a blog aiming towards full fledged magazine: Invest in our employees?

Pay us to pay themselves to pay you run society like you want you should. In grownup I’m serious we can do this language from kids who mean business and want to do it while making you proud to have noticed.


The art of intercultural diplomacy when dealing with men, is through the way their women would get them: their stomachs.

In Bodhgaya, a thai restaurant serves up a mean veggie curry. We are in India, after all. Sweet and sour I-never-remember-the-name-of-this-dish, is an amazing potpurri of gourmet veggie amazingness and a disctinctly Thai masala, as the accurate local word for it would be; bombshells your tastebuds with royally delicate impeccableness the word delicate worthy.


Have you noticed how everything in perhaps any cuisine everywhere, the word “delicacy” somehow always means either “ew” or “dudelol wtf” as in layman’s term?

Ram balls, rotten shark, frogs, mouldy cheese, snails, cod dipped in poison and salmon dumped in dirt to rot for months to spice it up, I mean who would eat that? There is nothing delicate about it.

Yum, goes the feinschmecker.

Ew, I said!

Now veggie stew, is something else when you’re having it with rice in a Persian manner. You disregard the type of stew, and just mix it in there with the rice. If there is any consistency or even resemblance to anything that could remind of a sort of stew, a heap load of rice appropriately will go with it, dig in there.

Yum, said everyone.

Royally serving a hot potato, is not easily done without being subject for controversy-scrutinising eyes. You better know what potato you are serving to your easily eating their staple diet, and silently appreciating the effort, while assessing you for review in their future guidebook entry, for future reference should the review hold true the next time someone might recommend the same dish to your gladly two-chin muncher of chelo kabab guest.

How does a threat to power empower it if it’s fair?

Eating a hot potato you served to someone else, because they offered you a bite of it, is thus done eagerly and with an honestly surprised smile at this diner’s appreciation of ‘taters. Yours are that good? Bro, gimme sum mo! Fries are universal, but chips are controversial, what gives?


By the ’80 foot buddha’ in Bodhgaya, Thai buddhists were today, likely praying for a muslim girl on the run from royalty. Is that the case? Why not perhaps the the advisors the advisors to the advising bodies picks on and for their advisers? Anyone got advice?


In Thailand a girl is stuck at an Airport. In Saudi Arabia a prince is pressured to bring home a dissident in order to prosecute her.

Two monarchies with an according to many, old, invalid, and outdated and not to mention patriarchal and anciently arcane way of societal structure… Will it hold the test of treatment worthy of treatment of, to and from all? The key rule of diplomacy is: common trait. One common trait in all that dwell and walk on and in this world is that all appreciate compassion be given to them…

– Also, all, do in fact, feel pleasure when compassion have geniuenly been given. Ever tried it? Yes, you know you have, don’t lie.

Go back there and try not to sigh a smile of reminiscing bliss of memory sweet.

Compassion is shit. Now say that and mean it.

Now have a bias, and read on:

Buddhism, along with Islam, has it’s main emphasis on compassion, emphasised in the quintessential Islamic prayer introduction  “…in the name of the most, merciful, the most compassionate” – and also arguably in some way in perhaps every buddhist teaching in any sutra worth mentioning.

Who would be more compassionate here? A prince with something to prove, or the playboy monarch accused of living lavishly abroad?

Would the most adamant elitist monarchists dare openly support the people, while at the same time staying true to their king? And would the Wahhabi extremists in some of Saudi Arabia’s congregations accept Saudi royalty not making an effort in order to bring home an insolent girl who dare escape apostasy charges?

Would the king from a buddhist country openly defy a foreign prince? And what would a prince dare say to a foreign king for doing so?

What would the king of a buddhist country, do to a political refugee in danger of losing her life, when a prince from a conservative muslim one has a quarrel with the person because she has violated their holiest of vows?

Which might perhaps not be hers?

What is the threat of challenging nobility? What is nobility?

Being true to your peoples main and preferred values, or being proper, according to protocol at all costs? What is change, and how does it come about? Real societal change comes when attitudes change. In a situation where royalty can play a role in diplomacy by just being Kingly: Kings worthy of their people’s heartfelt private moment salutues, are made their titles worthy, regardless of one’s perceived decadence, or snobbery, be that either one.

Or they are deemed unfit. The situation in Thailand has implication for how the world will perceive royalty, and how the people is viewed by people who live in monarchies where the monarch is loved. In Thailand, the current regent’s father, was, and is one of the most beloved figures in Thai history. Some traditionalists, are saying his son is bringing embarrassment on his name by not living up to his image… What would the buddha say?

The selfie inherently dropped a photographic bliss-bomb over her shoulder: At Boudhanath, Kathmandu, a wishfulfulling jewel stand gazing at your entry. Local lore has it, pure first time wishes are granted to all. Smile.

Bhante gave me a leaf and asked: are you a writer?

As of the moment I am an asker intending to write I said, in my smile and bow.
Khenpo la was not around when I came, so I had to ask the reception: excuse me sir, could I please ask a question to an academic scholar? Why is pragmatism considered philosophy, and not just plain simple old pragmatism?

The Dude would say: just guys, blaze one, bros! 4:20AM in Bodhgaya makes one think about green solid things fit for kings… will the message reach through?

What can marjuana toke-outs between gæmlisungdom of the world’s young and hopeful, lead to, when they know that’s what they are doing? Allow marjiuana, but maybe just some of it, at political youth gatherings… along, with that beer?

Hot’a spicy tater tot!

Eternityfish showed this to a sangha to learn if something’s importance gets through, and if delivered according to intention it might get done, too… Will it though? Testing the dynamics of social media usage in terms of changing the world.

And to top it off: like and share?

How does a threat to power empower it if it’s fair?

Do the kids, in fact, rule everything? Or the media that runs your mind, not theirs… they read and watch and hear their own… Media power has shifted dramatically the last 200 years. Where wealthy industry owners had a one-stop-shop claim to your perception even if you had a big thing and nothing but a poster and a town square, and made it possible for the most mundane media blow up a story with a tweet.

Word of mouth. You read it, and it’s importance in the wording and place makes action itself act. If you choose to consider the perceived importance, mindfully, as the seething sarcasm from Guru would go.

– What is the change of the world? A true sentence unheard of from the bottom to the top with no holds barred. The response only can and will be true. Truth with truth never fails to hold true. Truth.

Is it true, though? Media experiment research in a 15 story instalment the coming 30 months. Education is our trail, and we’re following it to school.

Eternityfish will be our research paper the coming two years, education is key. What is it, your majesties, royal highnesses, eminences, emissaries of these and your peoples, be that where it may: Who learns how, and how do they learn from the way you teach?

We aim to learn to explore education policies in depth. So you can raise these kids right!

In Bodhgaya, The Eternityfish Crew

Asking: what’s with the bias, guys? Sometimes it’s legitimate, for valid reasons, give us those, we will overanalyse for you. Appropriately.

15 stories of learning something in expected ways, 30 months of learning about how to chase a story long term….


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