Big City Vibes: A shindig of learning curves

What is love?

Love is love, love is it, it is love, it is love it is.

Come again?

Is it love, love is what, what is it, this love we love to love, hate to say we do, when what we love is condemned by the love of fear we fear to admit runs our admission of the love we profess to love and expound, fearing the love we feel will bring us harm?

Love understands. Love fears not being condemned, only forgotten out of fear and resentment of the love offered, taken, and rejected out of fear – even though love understands and repeats the love, and hence, even amplifies that fear.

What is fear?

It is not love’s polar opposite, but love’s brake pedal that is stomped on – when fearing the love we feel is forbidden, when love in fact is the law. The law is thus violated out of love, with that love bringing into being fear of admission for something so pure, it cannot ever be killed, merely remembered in either love and gratittude, or shame and resentment of self for not daring expressing it openly, or hate, more fear, and anger of those who made us fear admitting that love was there, in secret, never openly expressed to the loved ones who needed it the most in the time of most dire distress.

What is distress when love is forbidden to admit, not out of legitimate law, but fear? Distress is this case, is the momentarily fear for our own wellbeing, and the consequence is eternal gratitude towards the love we know would never allow us to feel shame for fearing it’s admission, while at the same time, bringing about eternal disgrace in our own hearts for abandoning love for love, that love which could love all and everything, did, and still does, now a mere memory – what the fingerflipping hell am I on about?

The good die young, they say.

How so, and why?

In a feast of love, hate, despair, disgrace and honour and glory, the two latter in private moments of solitude never expressed; a frat house shindig of learning curves taught one humble wanderer in the world of people much about people and love’s worth, worthy of hate, because love.

Poetry is mankind, and the poem is un-utterable, inconceivable and ripe with the blood and tears of those gone to eternity in vain and the abyss of the forgotten and unsung.

The good die young because of the fear in the hearts of men. The good die young by the hands of men, with no heart for the love that can manifest in abundance and make love reign supreme.

Compassion Reign.

As the mantra goes. OM mani padme hum.

Compassion reign, say it from the depth of your soul, being, your mind, spirit and your truest, most entire truest truth. The power of a non-nuclear, sub-atomic burst of sub-particle particles radiating from your aura, known to western mind as “energy field” – can emit a frequency in tune with OM – the universal vibration of the universe.

Manifest love by expounding love from the core of your being, making it boom and bloom into being, and radiate into everything in the blast radius.

You dont need to know what a set of words mean to utter them and concentrate your mind. When you do so consciously, though, it has genuine power. Compassion Reign.

Repeat it purely, with pure and purely genuine intent: the betterment of those who hate those who love with an intensity only the forces of nature itself can match. And, believe it or not, if it exists, it is a part of nature, it cannot be any other way – Which makes you it.

Nature is you, you are nature, albeit your own nature; still part of nature. Can you change nature? Just look at how we alter and manipulate our own planet. What is nature?

You dont think human nature can be changed? Have you ever changed your opinion on something you held as an adamant stance or belief? I mean, like, ever…?

Good music is true alchemy

…Your nature changed that very moment. The only constant in the universe is change. Everything else is subject to it.

Will this change you in any way, shape or form?

Compassion reign, may it rule you and yours, and make you the ruler of yourself so you may rule all, compassionately. Should so happen, you rule none and nothing, becoming a servant of the poweful and powerless alike, ruling with a feather fist, blowing it into the wind, blessing all in the cool desert breeze’s path… one sub-molecular collision at a time. Simply because your aura… that goddamn hippie nonsense bullshit word, emitted a blast, set off by synaptic reactions to your brain’s deliberate intent on loving all.

Hate seeds resentment, love seeds understanding. If you hate and expect love, you will attract love from the one’s who hate, and you are supremely fucked – as those who love those who hate, still love – intent is key, and outcome may be unexpectedly expected; the outcome a disaster for yourself if you choose hate while expecting understanding, as those who understand will love you for wish for understanding, and those who understand your hate and agree, will love you for all the wrong reasons, believing hate is right – that might is right, right on the money.

The money is a mere coin. It has two sides, and that is it. Balancing it on it’s circular edge, does not make it a sword, and a 50/50 percent chance of increasing it’s value as it is tossed, decreases the fact that the only thing worth loving is a 100% chance of grabbing the only sword worth swinging on occasions and dillemas like these.

The Kathmandu Valley is said to have been made inhabitable by the Bodhisattva Manjushree’s sword emptying it of water. Manjushree’s sword is a metaphor for the sword cutting away ignorance. The sword is wisdom. No weapon to mess around with, should one be ignorant and claiming the wisdom of alchemy.


Alchemy? What are you on about?

I am on about love. More preciecly, music.

Good music is true alchemy, and no alchemy on this planet is more potent that that of a love song empowering all parties involved in the listening.

Here is a love song recommendation for all mankind, dedicated to the same; love with such an intensity it obliterates the one doing the loving, and seeds that love in the hearts of those doing the opposite. Are you willing to suffer, merely for loving? Your love will seed love so profound it has no choice but to re-ignite the hope you had before choosing to destroy yourself for love to bloom.

Careful what you wish for, love is also the most destructive force on earth, for all the right people…
Be warned. Love given blindly with 20/20 vision will destroy you – And you are the one who has to rebuild yourself.

That is the nature of man. One man changed the naure of another, before nature got to change him – he changed back and looked in the mirror. Thank you Michael, here is a salute to the greatest musical genius since one famous Austrian child prodigy. An alchemist of alchemists, true leader of generations to come.


If they say Why? Why? Tell them we will change this nature – fly, fly, our wings are cut so we walk in danger. Bye, bye… hello life and blessed stranger, thank you dearest friend.

Here is a love song dedicated to the self of the self reading this dedication to love, you, yourself, me, myself, us, ourselves, be that who or what it may, the mirror of our souls can stare into itself and say: I will make that change.


Our series on education is thus kicked off and launched, what is education, and what does one learn from knowing one is supposed to? Now go ahead and introspect on that one. Or meditate, as semantics would have it. ❤️✌️???

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