When the kids are more adults in their adolescence than adults were in there prime: A Letter to The President

Once upon a time ther were notes. To these notes words were worded and tones were hummed. Some tunes of loony proportions were bumped and an entire generation rejoiced. Each and every time, the kids were right.

From the She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah’s to the Papa Don’t Preaches to the ‘what is this garbage you are listening to’s’ of today. The voice of each generation is hammered through, through their cultural expressions of love and rebellion.

Being a lone candle in the dark is no easy task. In order to shine you have to burn.

The rebellion of today, is of peace, love, and saving the world. The hippie movement of the 60’s is ringing throughout once again, and the peace movement of yore is re-ignited for an entire world of teens, tweens and millennials of all sorts to unite under one banner: The world is burning as the ice is melting.

Captain Planet, where art thou. The planteteers of Gaia are calling upon the Hogwash Greedly’s to pick their own pockets and fork out the costs of the survival of our kids’ grandchildren, your decedents of the days after tomorrow.

I was born in the 1980’s. I grew up with the seeds of love for Mother Earth, fed to me through the then not-so-political message of climate change – and as I grew up to be a grown up man-boy with an unshakable belief in the fact that the world never is beyond saving, the news of the Himalayan glaciers slow, but steady drips and drops down the slopes from the rooftop of the world, down towards the rivers flowing as the tears of our home, I shed some myself – for the likes of the unlikely heroine that is Gretha Thunberg.

A 16 year old girl sparked a global movement to wake up our sleepy head, napping parents and grandparents, who once again, as time and time again, are sleeping on a pillow of wealth-dream-inducing bliss, as our future is set for certain doom.

The most unlikely hero to be made, is a man with an undoubtedly heavy case of the duck syndrome.

President of The United States, Donald J. Trump has one golden opportunity to be remembered as the American president that did not start any wars, but rather triggered a green industrial atom bomb that has every single realistic potential to replace the petroleum industry in full, for good. For all and every purpose and appliance except jet and rocket fuel. These exceptions are said to be replaceable over time by mixes and blends of biofuels, that will take engineering and creativity – a challenge any chemist, engineer and eligible candidate for survival according to Darwinian theory would jump on, should they be made aware of this most worthy challenge’s existence.

The most notable wars of the last century have in large part been fought over natural resources, these recourses mostly being the fuel and heroin of the Military Industrial Complex, which for some reason seems to not recognise the fact that the same thing that was outlawed in order to bring the petroleum industry into being, is the very same thing that can cut it’s dependency on Oil, and replace that destructive asset into a viable and renewable one, that if utilised properly, can not just prevent wars and save millions of lives, but also our very existence on this planet.

In the Himalayas, hemp has been a valuable crop since the dawn of recorded history. The Himalayan glaciers are melting at a record pace, and one idea being launched, is utilising the properties of Cannabis to absorb the UV radiation at the peak of the world, and at the same time produce naturally potent cannabinoids for medical use.

THC is the result of photosynthesis – UV radiation is absorbed by the plant and converted into tricome crystals. Now, one could argue for banning drugs and harm reduction of these intoxicants, however: If growing hemp en masse at all the world’s peaks, could absorb enough UV to prevent it hitting the ground, and being reflected back into the atmosphere, there would be large amounts of heat and energy being absorbed at the top, never to be bounced back into the famous green house effect.

Growing weed can slow down global warming, for one reason I will keep repeating: cannabis absorbs UV radiation and produces naturally potent strains of herb. Worded like that for the sake of controversy: Why is a medical herb, in Asian terms: Ayurvedic medicine, a plague to be avoided like the plague itself, when a cash crop that was not illegal anywhere in the world until the 1930’s, be kept banned and shunned, when it quite literally could fuel, feed, clothe, and shelter mankind?

Alternatively, we could keep pumping up the planet’s blood to burn it, and cause more of the harm we need to reduce, for the sake of the illusion we call wealth. A mighty lefty thing to say… Then again, compassion for all and everything, seems to be a radical and unheard of thing, as where turning a buck seems to be the most honorable thing one can aspire to do.

Yes, I am a lefty bastard – according to those criteria. While we seemingly commie scum worry about the survival of every species on this planet, some seem to be more preoccupied with not only owning the mall, but also demanding the patrons pay for the goods with their lives, and at the same time expecting them to be grateful for the opportunity to make these fine gentlemen into billionaires… Nothing wrong with being wealthy, but as the now old internet adage goes: You hold your breath and count a million dollars while chewing on a hundo, as the rest of us breathe the remaining clean air and eat the crop of the land… Both of which are in danger, lest radical steps are taken to alleviate the suffering of this paradise we inherited from our predecessors, and will not be able to pass on, more than a few generations down the road, should greed trump survival instinct, before survival instinct is all that is left, and we all turn on each other for all and everything that is left, which will not be much, should money and the welfare of our own, and none other, be the first and foremost priority.

Believe it or not, we are in this together. A world capable of supporting a plentitude of life, in all the shapes and forms Earth does, can not be allowed to perish for the sake of the greed, ignorance and seemingly willful destruction of our brothers and sisters on the other side of the map.

We, the people of Earth, make a plea to the most powerful man on Earth, Mr. Donal J. Trump, who did the most honorable thing any man has done since the word ‘peace’ was uttered for the first time: He lifted the Hemp ban in the United States.

The President of The United States now has one golden opportunity to save not only mankind, but the entire basis of life itself in the world we all inhabit: The Climate Change Crisis can, and should one man have the courage to aim for an industry long overdue to be born and to thrive, the Green Economy is a reality, and the dire outlook of Earth has a spark of light in the dark.

And the thing about light is, darkness cannot survive in its presence. It is lit up and shines, shadows are but mere shades, and clear vision is given where none would have had a chance to be hoped for.

Being a lone candle in the dark is no easy task. In order to shine you have to burn. One burning candle, however, can light another million, and the empty dark of space is shone lit with the glowing embers of hope. Hemp. Hemp for our victory. Remember that one, America?

It could win a war you said. It can now save us all, from a disaster caused by a plant being outlawed for the sake of the greed of a few men.

Can one industry magnate, set his skill and priorities to the one field he has proven himself worthy? Just that: industry and economy?

The Green Economy can be sparked and boomed with the stroke of a pen.

Mr. President, spark the Green Economy, Industrialize it!

Mr. Trump, make sure you will be remembered as the president to gave all of humanity hope, and start what you started. The ban is lifted. Now the industry can be born. Make sure it’s birth is not stillborn.

Nature will bless and salute your name for an eternity.

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