Welcome to eternity, friend. A moment of it captured in a post, is all I offer.

– Notepad in hand, keyboard at hand, not in, we, the partnership of pen and pad, keyboard and internet connection, team up to serve the odd, and at times, perhaps, to some, maybe somewhat controversial view on the world.

My digital purpose is to re-ignite the analogue purpose of others

Our digital purpose is to re-ignite the analogue purpose of others.

The About Eternityfish page is about the abouts of the stories and observations of moments in eternity, and is subject to change, until it is set in stone. Nothing but stone is – And as even stone is impermanent and subject to change, we will change with time. For now we are getting up on our feet, warmed up and started.
This is my blog, and my blog is just that, a blog: the “we” is editorial, and the “I” does not inherently exist – We have a dharma approach to journalism and mind you it is just some other guy’s musings on the world we share, don’t get too serioos aboot it.

– Eternityfish started out as a blog with an ambition of going full fledged magazine with a twist. As our karma would have it, it’s karma and editorial fate turned out for the humbler approach to the world, and our grandiose visions of editorial grandeur was set aside – and it is now again just the mere digital notepad and pen of all things the world, according to the frog’s perspective, bird’s eye view of myself, the writer, photographer, and as of the moment and for all foreseeable future, sole contributor of this small corner on the intwerwoven web that is the internet; a wandering writer and observer, mostly living and staying at some monastery somewhere out there, and at times being out in the world photographing and witnessing things to be written and told about – to you, the odd reader of this humble blog of all things noteworthy for a wandering philosopher with a pen too filled with ink to not fill book, so it’s humble contents are to be read and viewed as the musings of a wanderer without a fixed location, in search of an education, whenever the location is fixed. Educate me, world – I will tell the world what an education can consist of.
Happy reading, friend; if it does amuse, bother, provoke or enlighten, please, do feel free to give some feedback.

Your much appreciated readership is never taken for granted, neither is the possible(?) appreciation(??) of what is written and shown. It is, however, nothing more than the mere observations of a single individual. Think for yourself, is the mantra that is attempted to be hammered through and hopefully nailed home, in the mind of the one on the receiving end, you.

It is still an independent site with a goal of telling the stories I encounter, wherever they are to be encountered. The language is photography, mixed with the occasional rhymes and poetry, fused with a personal take on the format that is A Blog, to bring about another route to devout readers of all kinds of castes. Caste not the first stone, lest ye be born high among the low. Low brow attacks are to be ignored, and noteworthy noted for further notes.

– Thank you for clicking through, perhaps even reading.

Yours truly,
Welcome to a moment in eternity. How are you, friend?