We are an independent site with a goal of telling the stories we encounter, wherever we encounter them. No story too big, no story too small. No story we won’t tell, unless telling it entails danger for the ones telling it.

Our language is photography, mixed with the occasional rhymes and poetry, fused with our take on traditional journalism, to bring about another route to devout readers of all kinds of castes.

We hope you like what you see and read. It might at times offend. But we humbly reserve the right to see the top from the bottom, the bottom from the top, while peasants and kings alike gather and flock to fight over who has the right to offend who’s decency and which one of them might be on which moral height…. If they ever will.

We don’t know. For all we know, kings and peasants alike all share both morals and decency, as we might show. If we ever will. We’re not sure.

We do, however, aim towards having them both as you. The viewer, reader and consumer of imagery and text. Philosophy, photography and reporting from wherever we might go next. Or more correct, wherever we are.

For now, we’re just getting started. Join us as we go on to explore ourselves via you. A mirror towards the streets we show you as you explore us via them. And of course, you, yourself.

Welcome to a moment in eternity. How are you, friend?